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    this is an old problem that is caused with an update of joomla in 2015:

    The Joomla security checks were increased. Due to these tightened security checks, many Zip files are considered "insecure" and the upload is failed.

    If it absolutely has to be the Zip upload (although the Drag'n'Drop upload is much better in my opinion) there are two possible solutions:

    1st possibility: to pack the files with another Zip program. This may work - but does not have to.

    2nd possibility: To "disable" the security checks of Joomla for the upload. Many other Joomla extensions have done this. Of course you should think twice about this step and be sure to upload only safe Zip files.

    This possibility has already been discussed on Github.

    I think it is possible to creating an option in the Configuraton Manager so that the admin has the ability to disable the security checks for the backend?

    So far that has not been implemented. Maybe we have to discuss it again?



    How to return the English language menu back? )

    You only mean in the administration area? You could use an ftp program to delete the ru-RU.com_joomgallery.ini file in the folder administrator\language\ru-RU. Then the English language is used as fallback.

    Thanks I found, translation into Russian was horrified (((

    It would be better if you can improve the language files. Then we could take them into the downloads and all users would have something like this. :)


    there is the plugin 'JoomMediaFormField' to use the images of the JoomGallery as article intro or full images. This plugin adds an additional button to the article editor to select the image.

    Even after moving to another category, the image will still be displayed.

    Using an SQL script should not be necessary.




    this all can be turned on and off in the JoomGallery Configuration Manager.


    - Pathway: Frontend Settings >> Header and Footer >> Show Pathway

    - Number of images: Frontend Settings >> Header and Footer >> Show Total Number of Images?

    - Number of hits: Frontend Settings >> Header and Footer >> Show total number of hits?

    - Hint for restricted categories: Frontend Settings >> General Settings >> Show hint for restricted categories



    Since today our new support forum is online. It is based on the Woltlab Suite.

    Among other things, the new software allows to maintain bilingual contents, even without duplicate software installation.

    Plus, it works better on mobile than the old software.

    The posts and users we have taken from the current German and English SMF forums.

    We hope you like the new forum as well as we do. :)


    is this the same topic [url=,13.0.html]here[/url]?
    Can you explain what the plugin is doing and what has been changed exactly?



    depending on whether you want to open the image in the 'category view' or in the 'detail view' with the pop-up box, you have to change the setting in the Configuration Manager either in the tab
    Category View -> General Settings -> Entering Detail View
    or in the tab
    Detail View -> General Settings -> Open Original Image



    I have heard reports that this update breaks templates...

    I do not understand why this update should breaks templates.
    From which JoomGallery version was the update started?
    Which template is installed?
    Joomla version?
    Screenshot / link to the problem?

    ...I applied it on one of my test sites, and all plug-ins were not re-instated the exactly same problem with r21 update.

    Can you explain this in more details what exactly the problem is.



    ...Plugin version (3.0.1) different from Community Builder version (2.4.2)
    Failed to save Install CB Plugin because: Installation error

    yes, you're right. This version number is incompatible.
    I created a Pull Request at Github for this.
    Thank you for reporting this issue.

    Ps.2. In plugin .xml you have:

    1. <creationDate>2019/14/15</creationDate>

    yes, thank you again.



    when this message appears, the detail view is disabled in Configuration Manager.
    To link to the detail view, change the following configuration settings:
    Detail View >> General Settings >> Show Detail Page: to 'Yes' and
    Detail View >> General Settings >> Disable default detail view to 'No'

    The upload limit is now 256kB per image.


    ...Is it possible to tell me what bug fixes are in the new version?

    You can see all code changes on Github.

    Yeah, I'm a tad nervous updating my site with the new Joomgallery. I assume all my alterations over the years will be overwritten...

    Since nobody else reports on such an error, the error will most likely be due to the modifications.
    Without updating to the current version it will be very difficult to find the error.
    As described above, you should make a copy of the website and update it to the latest version of the JoomGallery and then continue testing.


    of course you can ask more questions here.

    As I wrote before, your problem is probably in an incompatibility.
    First, you should try the following:
    1. Update to JoomGallery 3.3.5
    2. Make a copy of your entire installation and install the copy locally on your machine, e.g. with XAMPP.
    3. Test there to find the cause of the problem


    To update from JoomGallery 3.3.4 or older to the new version, please note the following:

    1. Install the new version (JoomGallery 3.3.5 or later) via the Extension Manager of Joomla!
    2. In the control center of the JoomGallery you will be offered updates for the installed JoomGallery extensions. Now run the update for all already installed extensions of the JoomGallery.
    3. After all extensions of JoomGallery have been updated, go to the following menu item: Extensions->Manage->Update Sites and click on the button "Rebuild".

    Thus, the update should work fine. :)