[SOLVED] JoomCommunityBuilderTab 3.0.1 – plugin installation error

  • Hello,
    In brief:
    Attempt to install a plugin:
    JoomCommunityBuilderTab 3.0.1
    The CB plugin JoomGalleryTab displays images of JoomGallery in a user's profile in Community Builder (1.7.1 or newer).

    in current versions of Community Builder (installation of course as a CB plugin, not a Joomla plugin) fails with a message:


    Upload Failed
    Plugin version (3.0.1) different from Community Builder version (2.4.2)
    Failed to save Install CB Plugin because: Installation error


    It turns out that Community Builder compares the value of the record in the

    1. <version> 3.0.1 </ version>

    tags in the .xml plugin with the installed Community Builder version (current on 2019.07.31 is 2.4.2) treating this as a minimum requirement, and if it is higher then it rejects the plugin at the installation stage.

    In the file cb.joomgallerytab.xml

    1. <version> 3.0.1 </ version>

    to e.g.

    1. <version> 2.2.0 </ version>

    And add the

    1. <release> 3.0.1 </ release>

    tag as the version of JoomCommunityBuilderTab, Community Builder will display this version number in the list of plugins.

    However, setting the

    1. <version> ... </ version>

    value too low (eg to 1.7.1) results in the CB of a message about possible incompatibility.

    That's it.

    Ps.1. I thought that this "old man plugin" does not work simply with the new CB, I'm not a programmer, but by trial and error finally after two weeks I came up with what is wrong.

    Ps.2. In plugin .xml you have:

    1. <creationDate>2019/14/15</creationDate>

    . Should be 2019/04/05?

    Ps.3. I am very happy that JoomGallery (thanks to JoomGalleryFriends) is again on the turn. After almost 10 years of a break from www, I thought that maybe I will again launch some hobby, social website with the gallery. Funny, because it turned out that I will probably choose JoomGallery again, because as one of the few components, it allows the users community to manage their photos from the front-end. There are other galleries, but if you want to build a community, you just want to use JomSocial, Easy-Profile or the old Community Builder. JoomGallery is probably the only gallery that has something more than a link to the user's profile - especially in the case of CB, which I will probably choose. This (in my opinion) is your huge (maybe the biggest ;)) advantage over the competition: the truly social character of your gallery component.

    Best wishes and thanks.

  • Hi,

    ...Plugin version (3.0.1) different from Community Builder version (2.4.2)
    Failed to save Install CB Plugin because: Installation error

    yes, you're right. This version number is incompatible.
    I created a Pull Request at Github for this.
    Thank you for reporting this issue.

    Ps.2. In plugin .xml you have:

    1. <creationDate>2019/14/15</creationDate>

    yes, thank you again.